what to expect on your first visit

We know that visiting a place for the first time can be an overwhelming experience.  Hopefully this information will put you at ease as you consider a Sunday evening visit.  If you ever need more information you can always contact us here with any question.

If you'd like to drop us a line just fill out a Guest Connect Card.

  • come as you are, seriously.

    We believe that the presence of God is available to all people.  He desires to be with the people He created and we recognize that none of us comes before Him as perfect.  God doesn't require us to "have it all together" when we come to Him, He simply invites us to come as we are and allow Him to work in our lives to make us more like Himself.  If God doesn't require you to be perfect, then neither do we.  Come join us just as you are, wherever you're at in life.

  • casual is King

    When you visit us you'll notice all different kinds of attire.  Some dress up, some dress down.  We hope that you'll join us dressed however makes you comfortable, as long as you come dressed!  One of the greatest aspects of the Friends tradition is that we don't believe in stifling formalities, so come casual and comfortable.

  • coffee and conversation

    As a part of our Sunday Worship Service we spend time each evening catching up with one another and having some snacks and coffee.  Be sure to come to service a little early to get connected and caffeinated!

  • What about my kids and teens?

    Your kids are important to us!  Our Children's Ministry offers separate services for kids (birth-preschool/K-6th) where they'll learn a great Bible story, play fun games, and meet new friends.  If you're a nursing mother, or would like to keep your little ones with you during service, feel free to use our Nursery room while you feed your little one, and enjoy our service live on screen. 

    We invite your teens to join us and the other students in the main Sunday Service.